importancia de humectar la piel del bebé

The skin is usually very sensitive and can suffer damage easily, now imagine how fragile and delicate is the skin of the baby, that is why we must be extra careful to protect it from external agents and environmental.

In virtue of this and contrary to what many parents believe, the skin of the baby should be hydrated always. Should be done regularly, even several times a day. Therefore, it is advisable to apply on babies moisturizers and moisturizing since its birth, and does not restrict their use, based on medical recommendations.

How to care for baby's skin

We give some recommendations for the daily care of the skin of the baby and thus ensure a good wetting from the first months of life:

  • The bathrooms of young children should be daily, but brief. We must properly clean their genitals, and areas of greatest exposure, rinsing, and drying, without branching out too much, because when you leave the baby more time in the water, can affect your skin.
  • Do not expose the baby to irritant products (colognes, perfumes and strong soaps). These can irritate the baby's skin or cause dryness.
  • Use warm water.
  • When we are under too much babies, will cause sweat constant.
  • Use cotton fabrics.
  • In the bathroom you use shower gel moisturizing, soothing and protective to clean your baby's skin without attacking it.
  • The folds of the baby's body and chin that require greater hydration, these areas accumulate dirt and become irritated easily.
  • Purchase lotions, moisturizing, and hypo-allergenic that are designed for newborn babies.
  • In the diaper area, it is advisable to use water or special wipes for delicate skin.
  • It is advisable to avoid synthetic substances (foam), enabling it to wash with a soap that has a pH of 4 to 4’5.

The skin of infants is generally more hydrated than ours, and some pediatricians recommend not to use creams or gels daily, let us remember also, that many newborns are born with a coating of vernix caseous, which protects the skin by its high content of water and fat.

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