Importancia del deporte en la salud de los niños

Between the multiple benefits and the importance of sport in the health of the children, we emphasize that it improves your coordination and guidance, the level of the muscles, balance, flexibility. In addition, they develop abilities and skills in the movements.

When practicing any fitness routine from a young age, boys have a greater possibility of increasing your height, improve your heart beat and be filled with vitality, also the practice of some physical activity controls your behavior, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity.

The sport today is not only seen as a specific practice of the health, but also highlights the social impact thanks to its different manifestations: play, recreation and generenciales, this by its impact on the growth and development of children.

Importance of sport in the health of children

  • It prevents diseases of respiratory and cardiac.
  • Provides physical benefits.
  • Improves your cognitive skills and social.
  • Are children more active, with better memory and retain more information.
  • Makes them faster and more accurate.
  • Socially makes them treatable, outgoing, attitude-positive children are cheerful.
  • Adapt to different environments and people.
  • From the psychological point of view, the sport is recommended to treat difficulties such as hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. In addition to re-disciplined.
  • The elimination of toxins, keeps you on the right weight.
  • Create healthy eating habits.
  • Have self-control and self-esteem.

As parents it is important that motivemos our kids to play sport as a routine recreation that also will help to be a positive contribution to the society and environment that surrounds them, we must also teach them about the benefits it will bring to the nervous system, circulatory, digestive, bone and respiratory.

According to Carlos Javier Martino, coach of football youth, “it is important to teach children the practice of some sports, because the benefits in different facets of your life. For example, it helps to clear the mind and strengthens their social development, because from small they are beginning to interact with other guys.”

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It is ideal for children as they grow will have fun practicing any sport discipline that gradually teach them about habits, order and style of life.

“The specialists say that it is very important at an early age to adapt the sport to the child and not the child to the sport, or is, beyond that, for example, football has its rules and every sport has rules, at an early age is not convenient to start to give them standards and rules to the children”, says the coach Martino.

The sport allows the entire body to renew and in the children that develops integrally, in a manner that will prevent physical illnesses, psychological and social. Ista motivation must start with the parents because we are the example our children, and from there instill in them the habit and the love towards the sport.

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