Como evitar las caries en niños

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  • Tooth decay in children and the care of mothers
  • How cavities can be transmitted?

The decay may occur at a very early age, it is essential to prevent the onset of infection and pain dental on the small. Carmen Ravanal, dentist gives you some tips to avoid the presence of cavities in children.

Tooth decay in children and the care of mothers

Mothers are usually concerned about maintaining a neat to your baby, bathing it, cleaning its nose and ears, but many of them don't know how important it is to dental hygiene. In the area of dental gather a lot of bacteria that can produce the “syndrome of the bottle or of the bottle”, now called early caries of the childhood, every day is more common.

How cavities can be transmitted?

“Mothers who have or have had tooth decay and they try the food of their children with the same spoon they are at risk to pass them; like a cold, tooth decay is an infectious disease and contagious”, says the specialist.

If your child has cavities in their baby teeth, or a toothache, you must go to the specialist immediately, to find the causes that produced it and delete it.


  • Parents must review in detail your child's mouth, if you notice any stain color yellowish or brown, should consult a specialist.
  • When you take your child to a dentist he will ask you if he spends much time with his bottle in the mouth or if the mother or caregiver has tooth decay, that have been transferred to the child.
  • If the damage that has the child in its teeth is consistent with tooth eruption, the tooth decay is caused due to which the child uses a lot of his bottle.
  • When the child is fed should be kept in a vertical position to avoid to stay asleep with the bottle.
  • If the child sleeps with the bottle inside your mouth, it is advisable to wake him up and give him water, to remove the remains of milk.
  • If the infant can drink liquid in a glass, we recommend that you do not continue to bottle, to avoid bad occlusions.
  • Dental hygiene should begin before the eruption of tooth, without toothpaste, with just a cloth or gauze pad soaked.
  • At the time of washing the teeth the more likely is it that the child does not want to perform the action and move, we recommend to settle in a comfortable place, where you can look at the teeth perfectly.
  • Don't let your child sleep without cleaning your gums or teeth.
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