Tipo de parto para mujeres con VIH

The birth, the most awaited moment after nine months of gestation. We spend weeks and we count down the days to finally the date arrives. But, what goes on in the head of the mothers who are infected with HIV/AIDS, and fear to put at risk the life of your baby?

When a pregnant woman has this disease can be subjected to a cesarean section in week 38 or on the contrary, the baby may be born through a vaginal delivery, this decision must be endorsed by the medical team that has treated the case from the start, and taking into account the health conditions of the mother.

Experts explain that to the pregnant woman infected with HIV/AIDS, should be administered via intravenous ZDV (Zidovudine, a drug indicated for HIV-infected persons), taking into account that, when the mother will be fined for a cesarean section, the treatment should be applied three hours prior to the procedure.

When it is recommended the c-section?

  • The type of delivery will depend on the amount or viral load, if it is still unknown, it is advisable to perform a cesarean section to avoid risk factors both for the mother and the neonate.
  • You must also consider the amount of bacilli, when they exceed the 1000 bacilli/mL, the ideal is to subject the woman to a caesarean section at week 36.
  • And ultimately this choice applies to women with HIV who did not receive treatment during pregnancy or consumed some kind of narcotic or psychotropic drugs.
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Vaginal delivery in women with HIV/AIDS What are the risks of runs on the baby?

  • Despite the fact that specialists of the health and multiple studies have confirmed that cesarean section decreases the risk of mother to child transmission, keep in mind that it is a major surgery, and carries with it certain difficulties.
  • Same complications that can introduce you to during a vaginal delivery, in this, doctors must take excessive care at the time you receive the baby, because the surgical instruments may penetrate the skin of the neonate and put in contact of their blood with that of the mother.

It will be the doctor in charge of prenatal control who indicate what type of labor adjusts to the conditions of the mother and at what point in time do it. In cases of women with HIV/AIDS it is recommended to give birth between week 36 and 38 of gestation.

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