Qué hacer si el bebé tiene Eczemas

Under the term “eczema” we cover a number of skin disorders, characterized by redness or irritation of the skin, in addition to the appearance of pimples or blisters that are filled with fluid. The most common form is called atopic dermatitis and is common in babies.

Children who develop eczema have a family history of asthma, hay fever and other allergies. The specialists claim that the babies inherit the genetic traits of the parents that make them susceptible and prone to suffering from this disorder.

What can I do if my child has Eczema?

  • We must not attempt to apply home-made products, the important thing is to consult with the pediatrician or dermatologist.
  • We must avoid the hot baths in quick succession, so that won't dry out the skin.
  • Use mild soap (without fragrances or chemical external).
  • Consult with the pediatrician if we can apply bath and shower gel made with oatmeal to relieve itching in the skin of the baby.
  • Dry it subtly, without rubbing it too much with the towel.
  • Avoid tissue irritants such as wool, synthetic fibers or materials vast.
  • Use preferably cotton.
  • With a cotton towel dampened, apply compresses of cold water on the irritated areas to cool it.
  • Filing your nails in order not to break the skin by scratching.
  • In case you are scratching at night, we can put some fine gloves and comfortable at bedtime.
  • The heat reactivate the eczema, we are attentive to the weather.
  • We remove any known allergen, such as certain foods, dust, or animal dander.
  • Let our son drink plenty of water, so that your skin is well hydrated.

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Eczema occurs during infancy, experts say that 65% of children develop symptoms in the first year of life and in 90% of patients with the manifestations appear before the age of 5 years.

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The eruption appears as thick skin, scaly and dry, in addition to brings about pimples or blisters that are filled with fluids and can become infected if scratched and broken.

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