cuándo bañar al bebé con jabón

Use baby soap is ideal for the care of your skin during your first 12 months of life because they are not toxic or the chemicals that bring in hygiene products for adults. Newborns do not need a bath so deep that's why we must avoid the usual soap, which can also cause irritation or rash.

The soap for adults contains ingredients to eliminate body odor and babies, in general, do not have a strong odor; experts point out that it is not necessary to wash the baby with soap or hygiene products, only the genital area and the skin around the arms and legs need to be cleaned with products designed for babies.

When to bathe the baby with soap

During your first year, you use soap for baby or neutral, these do not make foam and the smell is neutral, use it on areas of the body that are really necessary. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises bathing the babies two or three times a week during their first 12 months.

During the winter, the constant baths dry out the skin of the small, also, leave the baby a lot of time in water with soap can cause urinary tract infections. Particularly if the baby suffers from eczema consult your pediatrician what soap or treatment to use as you may be allergic to the ingredients of the hygiene product, and lotions.

Recommendations for the care of the skin of the baby

  • The baby's skin has its mechanisms of self-defense, don't swim every day.
  • Bathe the small two or three times a week
  • You can bathe the baby in parts or in full, provided that care is taken with the area of your navel (this is during the first few days of life).
  • Use soap only in areas where remnants of fatty substances.
  • Acquire neutral soaps and non-scented.
  • Apply with the hand or a sponge.
  • Use moisturizer only when you notice that the baby has very dry skin.
  • Similarly, it is essential that the creams or products higienes that we use with our children to be neutral, without dyes or preservatives.
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