Cuales son los dias fertiles

In this article you will find:

  • What can be considered fertile days?
  • 3 Signs that indicate that you are ovulating
  • What happens if the egg is not fertilized?

When women want to get pregnant, usually have questions such as what are their fertile days or what time to prepare with their partner for preconception. Know what are the fertile days to conceive.

Many specialists claim that it is not good to become obsessed with the calendar of fertility, and argue that women must have patience, because it is not 100% sure that in the fertile days to achieve pregnancy.

Women who want to experience the beauty of motherhood can opt for to find out what are the most appropriate to try, but taking into account that should not be stressed or hasten the time.

What can be considered fertile days?

The specialists describe the fertile days as those where the woman will experience some discomfort (similar to menstrual period) and that indicates that you are ovulating, this is when the ovary produces an egg that descends from the fallopian tubes. This usually happens about 14 or 15 days before the period. During ovulation (which may take two or three days), the egg waits to be fertilized by a sperm.

3 Signs that indicate that you are ovulating

There is a series of clear symptoms to realize that you are ovulating, every woman feels ovulation in a different way, however you can consider the following signs:

  • The basal temperature increases.
  • Your breasts become more sensitive.
  • The libido increases.

What happens if the egg is not fertilized?

The ruptured follicle transforms into a structure of yellow called the corpus luteum. It grows for a few days and produces progesterone, essential for the development of an embryo; if the egg is not fertilized, the follicle withers away. Starts a new cycle when the lining of the uterus is shed at the beginning of the next period of the woman. Read also: Tips for planning your pregnancy

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