After pregnancy our body goes back, gradually, to their natural state, the apparatus is player resumes his functions, and with it, the ovulation, preparation the uterus for pregnancy and the bleeding, i.e., menstruation.

However, it is difficult to establish a specific time in which the menstruation comes back, because it depends on some factors that vary according to each woman.

When you return menstruation after pregnancy

Women who breastfeed

  • When the baby is born and the placenta comes out of the uterus the production of the hormone prolactin, responsible for the production of breast milk increases in concentration and this makes start to occur the milk.
  • This increase of prolactin is linked to a decline in estrogen and progesterone responsible for the menstrual cycle, and in consequence is unlikely to occur ovulation and, therefore, that again the period.
  • When a mother is breastfeeding, the frequency of the shots makes the prolactin follow a high and the other hormones decreased.
  • During the first few months, many women do not have the period, but this is not an exact science, and there are babies that suck more often than others, and these differences may make women with the period when they are only breast-feeding.
  • From the sixth month, when the babies begin with complementary feeding and feeds are not so frequent, prolactin levels go down, estrogen and progesterone increasing and so there comes a time in which the returns of the menses.
  • Those cases in which a baby has a year and a half, or two years, and his mother, who is still breastfeeding, still taking some time. It is normal, that tends to happen, and it is generally recommended that at 12 months postpartum is to do a gynecological examination.

How is the first menstruation after childbirth?

  • The first few cycles are irregular, so much so that you can have period and there has been no ovulation.
  • In some cases, extends for watts days and not on others.
  • The bleeding may be normal, or minimum, this is normal because the hormone levels are not yet stable.
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Women who give a bottle

  • In women who do not breastfeed, feed the baby with bottle feeding, your period back before.
  • Prolactin does not stay elevated because you are not producing milk, the estrogen and progesterone return soon to their concentrations usual and near the second month after birth becomes the period for many of them.
  • From that moment on, and until four or five months, they will be coming to all.

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