One of the unions most palpable and obvious, between a mother and a child is the umbilical cord. After birth, the baby comes with part of the cord and the mother should take utmost care against possible infections, Facemamá explains how you should take care of the umbilical cord of your newborn.

During the 9 months of gestation, your baby is developed, grew and lived inside of your womb. In he received all the food and nutrients that your body could grant through a cord joined to you, who received all the necessary for their feeding. When he was born, the cord was cut, leaving the umbilical stump. This stump, after 10 to 21 days, it will dry completely and will eventually fall off, leaving a small wound in the abdomen of your baby, which is why you need to know about the care of the umbilical cord.

Care of the umbilical cord

The care that you must have during these days are mainly to keep it clean and dry. For that, fold the top of the diaper down, exposing the belly button. The idea is that it does not happen to carry in and out of the urine. Avoid giving, then, a tub bath to your baby, and only pass in a cloth or damp sponge.

When the umbilical cord is cut, it leaves a stump that was blackened, and pineth away to break off the 2 or 3 weeks. So during this process do not become infected, the most important is not to cure it, one way or another, but always keep it as clean and dry as possible, preventing their being soiled with feces or urine.

Ensure that the diaper does not cover it, bending its top edge down if necessary. In each molt, it is recommended to cure it with alcohol. To apply it properly, you have to lift the stump without a stretch base, the tip that is exposed to the zone of transition between the cord and the normal skin, and it should be wet.

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There is unanimous agreement that you have to avoid products with iodine, because the absorption could influence the function of the thyroid, as well as any powder or dust, in addition, its color makes it difficult to assess the state of the navel. If you accidentally gets soiled with stool, wash without fear with water and soap, drying it and then very carefully and applying the alcohol or the antiseptic that has been indicated by the pediatrician.

For quicker drying the navel, during summer days, put your child(a) a lightweight t-shirt and leave only the diaper, so that a better flow of the air. Prevents the clothes from a single piece until you have fallen off the stump. And don't try to pull it out, even though it is already hanging, please remember that the fall alone, it is always so, there's that rush you, it is a natural process.

When you fall off the stump, there may be bits of skin (granulosa umbilical), which will disappear with time and sometimes requires treatment of a doctor. This treatment is painless, so there is nothing to worry about.

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