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The fear of pain may become to many women in an inseparable thought during the last trimester of pregnancy. Choosing between natural childbirth or anesthesia can take a bit of time, but with the information necessary you'll be able to make this decision without problems. Know the pros and cons of using epidural anesthesia in the labor process.

Epidural anesthesia

Epidural anesthesia allows you to maintain the lucidity of the mother, although it may diminish some of its power of collaboration, because it loses control of the lower half of his body. It is now used of the epidural continuous, which allows for the permanent administration of the anesthetic, in small quantities, as it slows down its effect.

Advantages of using the epidural

  • It is a soothing, highly effective can be used during labor and birth (although, as a general rule don't put up that already take several centimeters of dilation).
  • The anesthetist can control the effects by regulating the type, amount, and intensity of the medication. This is important because as it progresses the delivery and the baby descends, the dose administered could lose effect, or soon, the mother may experience pain in another area.
  • As the effect of the medication is local, you'll be awake and alert during the labor and delivery. And when they don't feel pain, you'll be able to rest if you wish, while the neck of the uterus dilates. As a result, you may have more energy when the time comes to push.
  • Unlike narcotics general, only a small amount of the medication reaches the baby.
  • Once they placed the epidural, can be used for giving anesthesia in case you need a c-section or if they are going to tie the fallopian tubes after childbirth.


  • Your application implies that your delivery will be handled medically from the beginning.
  • There is the possibility of a headache after anesthesia.
  • The headache can last a few hours after birth.
  • Increases the odds of a forceps delivery.

A dose for every woman

The dose of any medicine used to soothe the pain varies according to progress of the labor, because the structures involved in the genesis of pain change.

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3 Data about the epidural

  1. Have to stay in an uncomfortable position between 10 and 15 minutes while placing the epidural and wait another five to twenty minutes until the effect is complete. However, this is a minor inconvenience when the benefit obtained is of hours without pain.
  2. Depending on the type and amount of medication you receive, you may lose a bit of feeling in the legs and not be able to stand. In some cases, particularly at the beginning of the childbirth, there is very little accurate anesthesia to relieve the pain, so that you'll be able to preserve the strength and feeling normal in the legs and move without difficulty.
  3. You can decrease the pace of the delivery, so perhaps you need occitocina (a drug that stimulates contractions) to get it back.

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