Análisis de fertilidad

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  • Fertility analysis basic
  • Analysis basic for women
  • Basic analysis for the man
  • Bypass rapid for the analysis of fertility side

There are a number of tests that the specialist will be the partner that you want to conceive, the most common is that they ask basic data such as the age of each, past illnesses or if any one has a job involving exposure to substances that may cause damage to the reproductive capacity. Dr. Alberto Costoya Arrigani, specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, Conjugal, responds to several questions.

Fertility analysis basic

The fertility analysis basic may be performed by your primary care physician, although many prefer to refer their patients from the beginning. Your doctor will fill in a history of fertility of the couple, including the age, the time since trying to conceive, illness or past operations, and medication that could have affected fertility.

The woman for your tests you will be asked about your menstrual cycle, its regularity, duration, and whether or not it is painful. Also for his work, for if one of the two is exposed to any danger that may affect fertility, in addition to ask about sexually transmitted diseases of any of the two, as chlamydia, and review previous analyses of smears.

Analysis basic for women

  • Analysis of smear: (if you have not done any recently).
  • Analysis of chlamydia infection: includes physical examination, an internal exam, and a blood test to determine progesterone levels in the second half of the cycle, confirming that it has occurred ovulation.

Basic analysis for the man

Physical examination of the penis and testicles along with two semen samples which will be analysed in the laboratory of a fertility clinic, where it will undergo further research and analysis side.

Bypass rapid for the analysis of fertility side

“In some circumstances, the couples are arising as soon as possible so that a unit of specialists perform secondary research,” says the specialist Costoya Arrigani.

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For example: If one of the two has more than 35 years. If the woman has a history of amenorrhea (absence of menstrual periods) or oligomenorrhea (shortage of menstrual periods), abnormal anatomy in the internal examination of the woman, or a varicocele of the scrotum.

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