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  • Can you use natural treatments?

Infertility is the inability to carry a pregnancy to term, however men should not worry about it, today there are various treatments to solve the inability of reproductive. Walter Candia, Urologist talks about male infertility.

Infertility affects between 10 and 15% of couples who wish to have children, however the 40% of the cases it is the responsibility of men, which after sexual intercourse for a year without using any birth control method, can not carry the pregnancy to term.

What to do?

If you take more than a year trying to have a baby and not get it is necessary for you to submit to a test called a semen analysis is done, which diagnosed with certainty any of the types of alterations of your sperm.

According to the urologist Walter Candia, the semen analysis is done provides information about the different characteristics of the semen. Speaking of semen analysis is done altered when there are values that are outside of the normal range for one or more attributes of the semen.

Causes of male infertility

The specialist ensures that factors that can cause male infertility can be varied, as the side effects that you may suffer the man.

3 possible causes

  • Pre -testicular: are usually source of hormonal in this group are considered to be habits, such as consumption of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • Source testis: is related to genetic defects, neoplasms, cryptorchidism, varicocele and trauma.
  • Post - testicular: to have a relationship with ejaculation retrograde, obstruction of the vas deferens, infectious prostate, or both epididymides and erectile dysfunction.

The low sperm production is directly related to the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, you can even get up to a 20 percent decrease of the motility of the sperm remnants.

Fertility treatment

The treatments to improve male fertility, you must be in direct relationship with the agent or condition causing the infertility, therefore, can be lifestyle changes, pharmacological and even surgical.

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Can you use natural treatments?

LI natural methods do not give an effective solution to improve infertility, because these diseases require medical management for their control or resolution. But we must not forget that a balanced and healthy diet, associated to avoid the consumption of toxic agents such as tobacco, help us to have a healthy body and vital.

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