The last few weeks of pregnancy are disturbing, and fill us with a lot of expectation, any slightest sign makes us think that labor has begun, but we need to know what really happens with our body before making travel rushed to the hospital. Now, we will tell you in detail how to tell if you are dilating.

When are the dilatations?

  • Started when our body begins to prepare for labor, so the contractions will become more frequent, and sharp.
  • Expulsar├ís the mucus plug or break source.
  • Gradually expands the cervix to reach 10 centimeters of dilation, at this moment labor starts.

How to tell if you are dilating

  • We must detect if the contractions are strong and constant (contractions random signal dilation).
  • If you have contractions about every 15 minutes and will cause moderate pain, we are coming to the birth.
  • It is necessary to take the time between one contraction and another.
  • This process varies depending on the physiognomy of the woman.
  • The expansion may be more rapid in women who have already had children.
  • Normally the process of dilation takes around 8 hours to reach 3 or 4 inches.

What to do before you go to the hospital?

Obstetricians recommend that before the first contractions, as women, we need to keep calm, do breathing exercises and relaxation, to be at home and take a warm water bath, to ease the discomfort.

When we go to the hospital hastily, which can result is that we end up coming back home for not be the time for the delivery.

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Then you start the process of dilation when to go to the hospital?

  • When the contractions are made every 15 minutes, are painful and long-lasting then it is time to go to the hospital.
  • At the time of breaking source or water.
  • If you are facing bleeding (or if the liquid comes with blood), it is essential to go to the hospital.

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