Qué comer en Navidad cuando estás embarazada

If you are concerned about the quality and quantity of your milk, Facemamá, in an interview to Dr. Margarita Samamé, offers some interesting tips and desmitifica certain beliefs.

Expert: Dr. Margaret Samamé Martin, Pediatrician Neonatóloga.

Sometimes, when the mother is breastfeeding and eats something that causes bloating, that also happens to the baby; it is only a sample of all the food you eat the mother's influence on her milk; it is more, while it is giving only breast to your child, the form and the amount of food they eat, are also fundamental on the quality of your milk.

How does the nutrition in the breast milk?

With regard to the production of breast milk, the mother should receive a balanced diet, the quality of the food that she consumed would affect the volume and composition of their milk, as in the health of the mother and the baby.

The power of the mother must change to the same bar that the nutritional needs of your child vary, considering in addition, if the breast-feeding that is given is mixed, or exclusive.

It can affect the amount of protein that contains milk if the mother is malnourished, then your diet must be rich in lipids, energy, vitamins and proteins, so as to meet with what is required in the production of your milk.

What are the amounts of food recommended for a breastfeeding woman?

To produce 150 ml. of breast milk, you require to eat 800 Kcals., through a balanced diet that contains fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products, meats and plenty of liquids.

What are some some tips traditional that say they eat broth or milk from the cow helps the production of breast?

Traditionally, different cultures have been worried about the issue, however it is now known that there is a specific food that will increase milk production or improve the quantity of breast milk, so if you have certainty is that their production is related to the healthy diet of the mother, with the consumption of liquid, and the frequency and duration of feedings of the baby through the chest.

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What routine diet should be followed during the period of breast-feeding to keep the body healthy?

You should follow a balanced diet, respecting the timetables, that include at least four meals a day and as mentioned above, plenty of liquid.

It is valuable to realize that the breast milk changes, it adapts to the baby's development, and brings each stage of the nutrients that it requires for its healthy growth. At the same time, the milk, depending on the ingested food mum is distinct flavor, an event that leaves the baby to have an adaptation to the food more easily, recognizing the flavors when eating other foods.

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