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  • Signs that indicate that it is a premature baby
  • Importance of breastfeeding in premature infants
  • Power and incubator
  • When can you start taking chest?

When babies are born before the 37semanas of gestation did not develop fully in the mother's womb, so you have a higher risk of getting diseases and medical problems. Francisco Moraga, explains about the importance of breastfeeding in premature infants.

Signs that indicate that it is a premature baby

Usually show signs of low weight and are smaller than newborns in a normal period. That is why the importance of breastfeeding in premature infants, because breast milk can get the nutrients necessary for their development.

Importance of breastfeeding in premature infants

The importance of breastfeeding in preterm babies is that it is the basic food that helps to strengthen your condition and development, because that gives all the nutrients and complies with the function that is not reached to the end of the placenta in childbirth, if it had come to the end desired.

The breast milk is the food that the premature better tolerated, with a gastric emptying faster and less withholdings that when is formula-fed and artificial.

Power and incubator

Feeding a premature directly from the breast is not what is commonly used when the child is in the incubator. The Pediatrics Francisco Moraga, says that: “infants who have a higher degree of immaturity require, in the first instance, of a power-type injection, which is administered through a venous access, usually a central catheter, that is to say, that will inserted into a large blood vessel, high-flow, because it has to be able to withstand amino acids, lipids and glucose along with vitamins and micronutrients”.

However, the doctor Moraga explained that: “it is common to simultaneously administer enteral feeding through a tube located in any segment of the digestive tract: stomach, duodenum, or jejunum, in order to maintain the stimulation on the maturation of the digestive tube”. This is a practice that is safe and effective that allows the premature weight to go up and get the calories and protein necessary.

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When can you start taking chest?

The baby will be ready for the chest when you weigh more than 1,500 grams, have a gestational age of 34 weeks and have developed the instinct to search and suction. Complying with these requirements, the premature will be able to breastfeed from the breast of his mother, although as it is not used, it may take a little bit to take the pace. Although it is only a matter of time, because in a couple of days the baby will be sucking in the normal way.

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