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  • How do I know if my baby has an infection?
  • What decreases the risk?
  • What to do after the healing?
  • When did you consult doctor?
  • How infections in the belly button take to heal?
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The umbilical cord is a structure that connects the baby to the placenta and serves as a means of power. All newborns retain part of the cord during the first days of life and should be considered as a wound exposed to infection. Known about the infections that can appear in the umbilical cord of a newborn.

How do I know if my baby has an infection?

  • If you have the belly button was swollen and very red.
  • If you develop fever or malaise.
  • Secretes pus.

There are four alterations that can appear in the navel of the newborn and the parents need to pay attention to:

  1. Granuloma Umbilical: in some cases, after the cord falls off, the area may swell slightly. This can result in the appearance of a lump of normal appearance in the interior of the navel.
  2. Bleeding of the Umbilical Cord:it is common to observe a few drops of blood at the point of separation, due to the rubbing of the diaper. But if the bleeding is continuous and the spots very large check as soon as possible.
  3. Moisture or Oozing Umbilical: the navel features a moisture or sweat and you may even have some pus on its surface. This may be due to infection in the early stages.
  4. Detachment late: it is normal for the cord to detach within the first three weeks of life.

What decreases the risk?

After the fall of the cord, the risk of infection persists until the belly button heals completely. For this, you must continue with the same care and vigilance until the gauze that covers it is look clean.

What to do after the healing?

When the navel heals, the mother can begin to bathe the baby normally; if dirt builds up in its recesses, you can separate them without fear to be able to clean them.

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When did you consult doctor?

  • If at three weeks of age still has not detached the umbilical cord.
  • If four days after dropping the cord still stain the gauze.
  • If you observe secretions yellow or smelly.
  • The skin around the navel is red and seems to hurt.
  • Bleeds of continuous mode.

How infections in the belly button take to heal?

Although infections of the umbilicus are rare, they can spread very quickly in the newborn.


  • It is advisable to dry the cord in the open air, that is to say, without a lid with gauze, bandages or clothing.
  • Many specialists claim that it is better to avoid bathing the newborn at least for the first six hours of life.
  • It is essential to follow the advice of a neonatologist or a midwife about the care of the umbilical cord.

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