Cuáles son los tipos de atonía uterina

At the time of delivery, there are many things that happen or that we can avoid. For this reason, pregnant women seek the way to be healthy and strong to not have any concerns and coming to term with great joy: the birth of his son, without complications or setbacks.

But there are certain incidents that can obstculizar that long-awaited moment for the mom-to-be. In this opportunity Facemamá will address the different types of uterine atony.

Uterine atony occurs in the delivery, when in the moment in which occurs the detachment of the placenta, rather than contract, does the opposite, the uterus does not contract due to lack of tone and the blood vessels that adhere to your walls with the placenta, not being closed.

This lack of tone in the musculature of the uterus, causes the blood vessels to continue to open and cause severe bleeding with the loss of more than 1,000 milliliters of blood.

The specialists indicate that approximately 70 % of cases of bleeding in mothers after birth, to correspond to a uterine atony.

What are the types of uterine atony?

Although uterine atony can happen after childbirth, depending on the exact time that occurs, it becomes possible to differentiate two types:

  1. Atony late: originates in the postpartum period, immediately prior to the uterus to reach your involution to the normal conditions.
  2. Atony early: this occurs more frequently than late, it can happen in the delivery room or the place provided for it. According to experts, originates usually because the mother does not produce enough oxytocin the natural way.

Oxytocin is the hormone that helps the contraction in childbirth, also in the postpartum period; their purpose in this last moment, is to allow the uterus to contract to prevent it from causing bleeding.

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Uterine atony can be very risky if not handled on time, to cause the death of the mother. However, if you have an appropriate and timely medical care, it might not be as serious as the incident.

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