Orzuelos en los niños

Are pimples painful that appear on the eyelid close to the eyelashes, and is due to a mild inflammation in the skin, however, can become red and cause much discomfort to the baby. It is not a serious injury, despite the fact that the eye is swollen, irritated, run down, and form a foráculo small with pus, around four or five days, this comes out and the stye goes away.

Causes of eyelid bump in children

The bacterium staphylococcus, which is normally present in the body, take advantage of the alterations of the skin to cause the infection, that is why it is important to keep neat the eyes of our children, always, and to avoid the presence of mosquitoes, mosquitoes or insects that can aggravate.

How to treat styes?

  • Usually styes resolve spontaneously in days, but we can help the baby to feel less discomfort.
  • The first thing is to place warm compresses or warm in the eye of the child, for ten minutes, at least three or four times a day.
  • In warm water with chamomile to rest, clean towels, and then place it on the lid for ten or fifteen minutes.
  • If you go with the doctor, probably prescribe a cream or eye drops antibiotic.
  • If the stye does not go away in a week, the baby is with the doctor, you may need to be drained.

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What we must not do in the presence of styes in children?

  • For anything in the world let's try to be removed, it can aggravate the infection in addition to being extremely painful.
  • Let us try to that the baby does not scratch or rub the affected area, to do this, the packs.
  • If we want to prevent it, it is essential to maintain scrupulous hygiene in the eyes or eyelids.
  • In the case of the children who use corrective eyewear, must stop using them when you are in the presence of the stye.
  • Wash your hands well, always.
  • Foster in the children the habit of washing your face when you wake up, after eating, after playing, especially the edges of the eyelids to remove the oil residue.

When to go to the pediatrician?

  • If the stye is on the inside of the eyelid and is very large.
  • When they appear styes frequently.
  • Given the existence of two or more styes at the same time.
  • If it takes seven days, and not even next.
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