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Each year a high percentage of women decide to postpone motherhood until after 40, which brings different risks such as diabetes, spontaneous abortions and genetic abnormalities. Know the pros and cons of conceiving after 40.

Regardless of what the reasons for having postponed your first pregnancy up to this point, you're probably worried about the fertility and pregnancy after the age of 40, and you'll know that your chances of getting pregnant at that age are significantly lower than some years ago.

Past 45 years the chances are reduced considerably and significantly increase the risks of miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities. However, you should not dramatize the situation, because all ages have advantages and disadvantages against pregnancy.


  • Without a doubt, the biggest advantage is the experience that you have accumulated over these years. If you've had the same partner during this time there will be spent together all kinds of circumstances, which will provide a firm basis for forming a family.
  • Surely you have a more solid economic situation, and a career or profession to be consolidated.
  • Having lived more positively influences your ability to focus your attention on your child.
  • The parents of more than 40 don't feel that need to be filled with social activities that you can experience the younger partners, many times they miss the freedom they had until recently.
  • At this age you've lived enough and does not feel continuously that you are missing something. This does not mean that you fruits at home, but that you take everything in a more quiet, matter-of-factly.


  • The biggest disadvantage of postponing elembarazo to 40 years is that, approximately 10 years prior to menopause, the number and quality of your eggs is greatly reduced.
  • To the 45 years of the eggs they produce have a higher risk of having chromosome problems, which implies an increase in the odds of spontaneous abortion that achieves a 53 % and congenital anomalies which highlights the risk of Down Syndrome is 1 in 30 pregnancies.
  • At this stage of the life of a woman there is a sharp drop in fertility. According to a recent study, women 40 añosen treatment for infertility have a 25 percent chance of achieving a pregnancy with their own eggs.
  • There is an increased risk of diseases associated to pregnancy such as gestational diabetes and syndromes hypertensive, which generate pregnancies of higher risk with higher rates of complications and cesarean deliveries.
  • Another disadvantage to keep in mind are the likely complications of your pregnancy. You have a greater chance of developing high blood pressure, diabetes and have problems with the placenta and difficulties in childbirth.
  • The odds of giving birth to a premature baby or low birth weight are higher in case you have more than 40 years. There are studies that indicate that children of older women are more prone to type 1 diabetes and high blood pressure. Also increase the rates of babies born dead in women over 40.
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