Many parents make the decision to sleep with the baby in the same bed for the first few months of life; this is what we know as co-sleeping, and of course has several advantages, but it is important to take into account some details, for the safety of the newborn.

According to some studies, sleeping next to children is very beneficial because it helps to strengthen the attachment between the baby and his parents, however, some specialists do not recommend it, because the little one may run the risk of being suffocated or hurt by their parents.

Co-sleeping with your newborn

If the parents have decided to sleep next to the baby it is necessary to take into account certain safety measures.

  • Parents should avoid taking drugs or drinks that will help you to have a deep sleep.
  • If some of the parents present sleepwalking, epilepsy or similar disorders, it is recommended that you do not sleep in the same bed with the baby.
  • The ideal is that the parents quit smoking, or don't do in the presence of the little one, as smoking increases the risk of sudden death in newborns.
  • The bed should be spacious enough to sleep up to three people.
  • To prevent falls it is best to place a barrier on the side that sleeps the newborn.
  • You should be aware that between the mattress and the wall does not have holes to not get caught.
  • You should not leave a baby alone in the bed adult, because you can wake up and see that there is no one you can go down and fall.
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The ideal is that if we choose co-sleeping with the newborn, we are very aware of the baby and its care, and thus enjoy and strengthen family bonds of attachment and love.

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