The purpose of early stimulation is to assist in the process of formation of the structure of the human brain.

After study of the Educational Research Center and Health, and Institute of Education Sciences of the University Complutense of Madrid, we are able to observe which are the most important objectives during the second month of life:

  • Learn to hold better to the head when lifting.
  • To track an object that moves in front of him.
  • React to a noise.
  • Emit some sounds.

Is considered in addition, certain activities can help a baby of two months old, to achieve the objectives required in that stage.

While he is fed

Sometimes, the mother has a lot to do and can't entertain themselves during the lactation, then you should remember that the baby does not only need food, we also need to make a cuddle, we talk, we acunen, etc

It is advised that the mother to be organized into as possible, so that you can take advantage of this important moment. In any case, you can go to the father, or another family member or friend, who can perfectly assist in this endeavor.

While you move or bathe

  • You watch what the baby does; if it emits any sound, repeating: “to-to”, “gu”, etc
  • With the child lying face up, let him move the hands and legs. Take your hands, juntárselas and separárselas several times. Take the legs and estirárselas gently. Leaving after him only the double. Repeat this several times.
  • When you bathe, taking it from behind, in a way that feels safe. Let him enjoy the water for a while, freely.

While you are awake

  • You can vary the mobile above his bed. If you still enjoy looking at it or playing with it, not remove it. You can have a different one in another place of the house, where it was sole to leave the baby during the day.
  • Tie a string from side to side of the crib, so that when the child is lying face up, you can touch it with your hands. Hang of it a bell or a rattle soft. (Be careful of tie up the rope to hold it in and become entangled in the baby).
  • In this position, show two objects, for example, two boxes of matches: when you move them around, make noise, and the small attention. Them, and the sounding of a first and another after, trying to look alternately to the two objects. If you have no box, you can use a rattle soft or simply the hands, making sounds with your fingers to see a hand first and the other after.
  • Take advantage of any situation in which you are awake and you will have to carry in the arms, as in a bus trip. On these occasions you can also do some exercises, like putting a pacifier in the hand, and then guiárselo slowly to his mouth, and to throw it after. Repeat this several times.
  • Buy him a toy rubber that make noise when you squeeze them, to play with.

Repeat the exercises of the first month of life: put the finger on the hand to squeeze it, make it caresses the face, rock, etc

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