Cómo estimular al bebé de 1 mes de nacido

The early stimulation refers to any action that helps to strengthen the emotional skills, cognitive, motor and social of the child, according to a study by the Center of Educational Research and of Health and Institute of Education Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid.

The most important objectives during the first month of life will be:

  • Suck without problems.
  • To stare in the face of something that is put in front of him, even for a very short time.
  • Tighten the finger that you put in your hand.
  • Continue gently with the look of something that you put ahead.
  • Make small attempts to hold the head when you straighten it.
  • Make some noise throat.
  • Reacting to certain noises.

To help you meet those goals we will have to execute various activities that will take place in certain times of your day.

While he is fed:

  1. Enter either the nipple or the pacifier in the child's mouth, because to feel it and touch it between the tongue and the palate, you will learn to suck better.
  2. Take the time to give him milk to make him cuddles, stroking their hands or face, and talk softly. It is important not to distract you while breast, so you should find a quiet place, where both the mother and the baby can relax. Wait until you eat to have it briefly in the arms and communicate with him through caresses and cuddles.
  3. Take that moment to tap him on the fingers, one by one.
  4. Open your fingers while you sing to him gently and rocking her.
  5. Tickling her little hands and go up slowly by the arm.
  6. Repeat sounds so rhythmic: “to-to, to-to...”

While you move or bathe:

  • Gently massage your body.
  • Let you freely move the hands and feet, inside and outside of the bathroom.
  • Talk to him.
  • Put a finger on the hand to grip; if you don't, help you. If you do not squeeze the finger, pull your hand to use force.
  • Do the same exercise as above, with the two hands.

It is possible that the baby spends most of the day sleeping. However, in the moments that you have between the hours in which it feeds, will be able to:

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  • Going to bed in different positions: from one side, to another, face up, face down, etc
  • Get them used to being with different people.
  • Leave it to suck on things that don't hurt, like a finger, or a pacifier.
  • To stimulate the sucking. This can be done by placing a pacifier dipped in water, between the lips, moving it giratoriamente, even around the lips, to exercise and develop the action of sucking. Before you use the pacifier, consult your pediatrician, because the opinion of the specialists with respect to their use, tends to vary.
  • Show once in a while some thing of vivid color (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink). Move it around slowly before his eyes for him to follow. Not necessarily have to be a toy; any object of color colorful or attractive can serve.

Taking advantage of a moment not to cry and be quiet, acúnelo gently, for a little while.

An interesting way of developing his view, is to put a mobile phone near the place where he sleeps or on it.

While you sleep:

Respect the hours of sleep of the child trying to avoid the noise, as well as the strong movements and surprise in excess, however, it is advisable to get accustomed to sleeping with the noises common to the home.

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