When we learned that we moms are a myriad of emotions go through our heads, we forget the outside world and we just focus on our babies and be mothers, even when we are working, we'll organize everything about the pre-and post-natal, with the purpose of spend more time enjoying motherhood.

However, after you give birth and the time comes to reincorporarnos to our routine normal work, we think that this means to stop doing certain activities with our babies and while it is true that the time limits us, it is possible to continue growing and learning with our little ones.

Why combine work and motherhood?

Need: One of the main reasons a mother should start working even when your baby is small, are the economic problems of the home (also includes parent or partner).

Sustainability: to give children and family the quality of life necessary, in 43% of cases at the global level, the couple needs to work to maintain the profitability and quality of life in the home.

Personal satisfaction: there are Also cases of women, mothers, wives and businesswomen who have worked hard to have a race and settle successfully in the area of employment, and decide to combine motherhood with their professional growth.

However, whatever the reason that brings you to work after being a mother, it is important to balance our time and space, so that, in this way we can give our children the love and attention they need and deserve.

What we must not give up when we are working mothers?

  • Spending time with our children.
  • Postpone activities organized with the children.
  • Take care, and be aware of their needs.
  • To give them love.
  • To play with them.
  • Perform activities of daily living.
  • Organize family outings.

It is possible to organize our schedules in order to share with them, since really guys, what is relevant is that the child feel the presence of their parents and that they were not displaced.

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What to do to achieve it?

  • Plan your time.
  • Seek the support of your partner and family.
  • Create a daily family routine, in the hours where all are absolved of job.
  • Focus on the work within working hours, outside of it, that all your time is for the whole family.
  • It is not advisable to give details to the children to compensate for the faults.
  • The time that we are in a family, which is fun, distraction and happiness.

In modern times there are many mothers who must work outside to keep the home you'RE NOT ALONE!

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