piojos en niños

Pediculosis, which is the name given to the infestation of head lice, can spread rapidly and is quite common in school-age children. This infestation is not a serious health problem. The piojosson more annoying than dangerous.

How do I know if my child has head lice?

Many moms learn about through a call from the nursery or the kindergarten. You can also realize if you notice that your little one will scratch frequently, especially if you do it in the back of his head.Head lice do not always cause itching, particularly if the infestation is just beginning.

It is important to check once in a while the hair of your child to detect if the presence of nits (eggs of louse), which are those that tend to highlight the presence of these parasites. Nits adhere tightly to the stalk of the hair and will not release the brush, are tiny and of a heat pearly white. Head lice are a color of pale beige to dark grey and have more or less the size of a sesame seed.

How could my child catch head lice?

Head lice are insects that walk, can't jump or fly, thus go from one head to another by direct contact. Since they can survive for up to a couple of days out of the scalp, also can be passed from one person to another by sharing clothes that are carried in the head, or use the same pillow for example.

How can I remove lice from my home?

Fortunately the piojosno survive long outside the scalp. The time it takes for one of these parasites out of the nit is 7 to 10 days, so it is good that you follow these tips:

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  • Fill the washing machine with hot water and wash all clothing and linens with which your child has been in contact in the days leading up to that you might realize the infestation of head lice. If you have a clothes dryer, put these clothes to dry at a high temperature for about 20 minutes as a minimum.
  • Gets into plastic bags all stuffed toys, blankets, and clothing that you cannot wash, close the bags well and store them for two weeks. You can also put these items in the clothes dryer for half an hour.
  • Dipped the combs and brushes in rubbing alcohol for an hour. You can also wash them with hot water and soap.
  • Passes thoroughly vacuum the floor and furniture of the house, also for the interior of the car, including the baby seat. Do not use aerosol insecticides.

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