We knew that stress can affect all areas of our life, but probably never imagine that you want to have a baby it would be complicated for finding stressed.

A recent survey showed that stress levels can directly affect fertility, the study was published in the journal Human Reproduction, and comes from a consideration of how the elevation of the levels of the enzyme Alsa-Amylase, related to stress and the hormone cortisol affected the process of pregnancy in about 400 women.

The women were between 18 years to 40 years and were married or in a formal relationship, none had a history of infertility and all had stopped the birth control methods trying to become pregnant, were monitored at each of the women for up to a year between 2005 and 2009.

The results showed that 87% of women are embarazaron and the analysis of saliva revealed that cortisol levels did not seem to affect the process, however, women with very high levels of Alpha-Amylase, needed much more time to become pregnant than those who had levels of enzyme within the third more low, even after considering the consumption of alcohol, age, race, cigarettes, or caffeine consumption; at the same time, elevated levels of the enzyme three-fold increase in the risk of infertility.

The conclusion from the study was that the stress reduction might be helpful for all women trying to get pregnant, so, the next time you feel stressed out because you can't your pregnancy, try to relax.

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