Qué es la atonía uterina y cómo prevenirla

In obstetrics, uterine atony is the name given to the loss of tone of the musculature of the uterus and produced by the lack of contraction of the same, where the blood vessels are not closed, causing a severe hemorrhage.

What are the causes?

  • Exhaustion cervix for labor extensive and difficult.
  • Multiple pregnancies: it Is more common because in this type of pregnancies, the fibre of the uterus is more stretchy for the weight, and this causes that it costs more to contract.
  • Delivery of the placenta late: As the placenta takes to be expelled from the baby is born of a maximum of 20 minutes, when this process is delayed product of the placenta is very deep-rooted in the uterus or because the baby is not to term, gives birth late.

Uterine atony is the leading cause of postpartum hemorrhage, which results in the loss of knowledge by hypovolaemic shock, respiratory or cardiac arrest, and high risk of death.

What is your diagnosis?

Its characteristic symptom is an abnormal loss of blood, when it is considered normal for a delivery to lose about 500 milliliters, so that there be a greater loss shall be deemed as bleeding. Outside of the puerperium should not be given any other blood loss.

The medical staff shall be responsible in any situation, study the threat, because of the bleeding, to act in a timely manner.

If natural childbirth is given in the home as they wish to some mothers, but without proper medical assistance, it would not be possible to do the evaluation immediately and with urgency due, which could lead to a bad end.

Are there risk factors?

The following factors in a pregnant woman can also lead to uterine atony.

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  • Complications with blood clotting.
  • Renal failure.
  • Deficiency of platelets.
  • Diabetes.
  • Anemia.
  • Miomia.

How to treat uterine atony?

Are prevalent in the world perinatal deaths by uterine atony, primarily in countries where adequate medical care is not widespread. According to the protocols of the WHO, if it is detected that the woman after childbirth do not have the contraction of the uterus to the sealing of blood vessels, will require the specialized medical care.

Occur uterine atony according to the degree of incidence of the bleeding, the medical team will act, with what is usually perform the massage or bi-manual compression of the uterus, which consists in introducing a hand vagina and the other on the outside, as a first option.

To stop the bleeding, you may need the administration of medicines, such as oxytocin. As not to cause the application of the drug in the course of uterine atony, it will have to go to the surgical procedure.

How to avoid this complication?

This problem may not warn before birth, then what we can do is be prepared for any mishap, paying more attention during childbirth to control this type of complications.

However, the sand can avoid various elements of danger by means of changes of routines in the power supply, with healthy food and balanced, to not have anemia at the time of gestation.

It will be valuable from the moment of conception, to conduct a medical follow-up of progress throughout the pregnancy, with the recommendations by the doctor.

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