Los bebés y los mocos

In this article you will find:

  • How often can present mucus?
  • When do you worry about?
  • What medication can be used for the mucus?
  • Remedies Non pharmacological for boogers, and phlegm

If the neonatologist of your baby tells you that it is in perfect condition, don't anxiety or distress because you have snot and phlegm, this is very normal during the first few days of life. Learn how to take these mucus so you can breathe better.

How often can present mucus?

Newborns and even infants of a few months to accumulate mocosidad a daily basis, even if they are not cold. The boogers are a defense mechanism of your body, they cleanse the airways of germs and prevent it from spreading.

When do you worry about?

You can start to worry if you notice that the mucus is excessive, that is to say, if you clean your nose and you instantly have full of snot again. When the boogers are in abundance, the child may end up presenting an otitis (inflammation of the hatred the middle).

What medication can be used for the mucus?

Some specialists claim that, it is not recommended to put children mucolíticos, because, although it dissolves the mucus from their holes, increases the mucus secretion.

Remedies Non pharmacological for boogers, and phlegm

  • Water: you must keep your baby hydrated, and the liquid helps dissolve the snot.
  • A wet environment: wet locations help the baby feel a little more relieved, so placed in his room a frother, electric, containers filled with water or a humidifier. If you decide to use these tools, you must wash it every day to prevent the formation of fungus, which could cause respiratory infections.
  • You can choose to use a puller of mucus to relieve the mucus from the baby.
  • Limpiale the boogers you have on the outside with a handkerchief very gentle to avoid irritation.
  • Lávale the nose often with saline nasal or a nebulizer with salt water (100% natural).

In either case, it is important that before you make a decision you consult with the doctor treating your baby.

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