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Made pee-pee in the bed, or enuresis, is one of the most common problems of childhood, although it is seldom so serious as to require medical treatment.

At what age presents the bedwetting?

  • In the 3-year-olds, there's this problem in more than 60%.
  • In children 4 years of age, in a 40%.
  • in children 5 years of age, in a 20%. In children 6 years of age, in a 10%.In children of 8 yearsat 7 per cent.
  • In children 12 years of age, about 3% have problems controlling their bladder during the night.

Generally, the enuresis resolves without the need of a medical or psychological treatment.


  • Inheritance, genetic factors.
  • Difficulty to wake up from sleep.
  • Slowness in the development of the central nervous system, which decreases the ability of the child to prevent the bladder from emptying during the night.
  • Hormonal factors (low antidiuretic hormone that decreases the amount of urine made by the kidneys).
  • Urinary tract infections.
  • Abnormalities in the urethral valves in boys or in the ureter in girls and boys.
  • Abnormalities in the spinal cord.
  • Inability to retain the urine because of a small bladder.
  • Emotional problems such as anxiety or tension. Moving home, the birth of a sibling, or even an event, like a birthday, can cause incontinence.

Bed-wetting is related to the amount of water that is taken

This problem has nothing to do with how much liquid you take before bed. This is not a mental problem or behavioral. Does not depend on the children to be very loose as to get up, nor that they do it on purpose to annoy their parents.

Between 5 and 10% of cases there is a physical cause, usually an infection of the urinary tract, diabetes mellitus or a neurological problem. If your child feels burning when urinating or drinking very often, you go to the doctor immediately.

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Do not despair. In the great majority of cases, the problem resolves spontaneously between 6 and 10 years, without treatment. But, if the situation becomes problematic and frustrating, as well as shameful for your son, we give you the following tips:

  • Put a plastic sheet between the mattress and the sheet, and a dry towel over it. So, the mattress will be dry. If your child is old enough to dress himself, leave him a change of dry clothes next to the bed to change in the event of waking up wet.
  • He tries to convince his son to get up to use the bathroom during the night instead of tough it out. Leaves turned on the bathroom light so that it can be guided. You can take it to the bathroom before you go to bed.
  • Is the bedwetting as a problem without importance.
  • Limiting liquids before bedtime, but do not deny it.

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