Behaviors that indicate that the child is not suited to the school

The school-age brings with it myriad changes in the children, when they begin this new stage in your life-the uncertainty, fear, anxiety, joy and curiosity, and a myriad of emotions over the garnishment, and this can cause them to boxes of stress. In this regard, the educational psychologist of the Network Health UC Monserrat Sepulvéda gives us valuable information that we have to take into account.
The spreading of the parents and other factors such as the change of routine and out of your safe place (home), determine the mood of the child, and this causes them anxiety. Therefore, it is necessary to make it suitable for the start of classes or if you have already started the school to be vigilant to those behaviors which may indicate that the child is not adapting to the school.

Behaviors that indicate that the child is not suited to the school

It is important to monitor other behaviors during the school year that could indicate that the children are not in school.
  • Cry all day to get into it.
  • Wetting.
  • Simulate or present stomach pain, headache, nausea and other every day.
  • Feel unmotivated and sad every time they leave the school.
  • Fussing with the parents about the conduct of teachers or classmates.
  • Present any sign of violence or coup.
  • Detect low ratings for no apparent reason.
In response to these signals is always important:
  • Listen to boys and girls, attending to their complaints and give them credibility until proven otherwise.
  • Talk with teachers and principals, and comment on the changes of behavior unexpected.
  • Report any act of violence.
  • Help them and guide them in their requirements.
  • Discuss with the teachers if you think that tasks are excessive.
  • Encourage them and congratulate them before their successes and target their failures and mistakes to learn from them.
“You have to remember that it will be many years that children will be in school and that that must be a stage of learning healthy and enjoyable, and not of fear and distress. Never compare them with siblings or other children. And not to forget that we all learn in times and different rates, and that that doesn't make us neither more nor less intelligent”, concluded the specialist.

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