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  • Influence of the environment
  • What damage and repair only in early childhood?

It is extremely important that children grow up in a comfortable environment, where it can be carried out for their brain development correctly. Discover how it influences the environment on the brain development of the child.

Influence of the environment

  • It has been proven that children who develop in environments of lack, emotional and cultural present serious difficulties to the subsequent process of learning.
  • In these situations it is necessary to develop special programs with the aim of preventing this damage, called “damage sociogénico-biological”. Both environmental factors (biological and social) that reinforce each other in influencing it positively or negatively.

What damage and repair only in early childhood?

As we mentioned, an environment is adverse, will not allow it to set properly the neural connections, so that the subsequent process of learning is difficult. It is also known that during this period the brain is extraordinarily plastic.

In fact, it has been observed that if there is depravation, and malnutrition in the first months of life, the ratio of psychomotor development is delayed, coinciding with very few neural connections.

However, if before closing this window (3 years) is involved with a proper diet and verbal stimulation and psycho-affective, it is time for the recovery of the damage, because they return to re-establish the synaptic connections. If there is no this stimulation, the damage becomes permanent and the child is injured for life.

It is very significant the attachment the baby has with the mother, as well as the verbal stimulation, visual and motor. Some authors extend the period of impact the brain up to 6 years of life.

What is the learning process that determines and directs changes in the brain or, on the contrary, the process of maturation of the brain allows you to learn at a certain age?

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There are many experts engaged in this research, as it is required to achieve the greatest clarity possible to achieve equality of opportunity for all. In other words, the egalitarian learning would have to begin during the first years of life.

It is important to highlight that, although the child's brain has enormous plasticity, the brain of the adult, not the lost. The learning process can be achieved at any age.

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