Breastfeeding: After the first year of the baby

While it is recommended to breast milk exclusively until 6 months, some moms decide to prolong it next to a snap-in until after the first year of baby's life and that this stage is correct, pediatrician and coordinator of the Service of Neonatology of the Clinic of The Lilacs; Ivan Casas gives us important recommendations.
Many are the doubts and concerns in relation to what happens after the six months of baby's age? Will it be appropriate to follow danto chest? Will it bring negative consciousnesses to the small? Could it be that my milk is poor quality? Next to the pediatrician Ivan Houses, we will try to answer these questions.

There are No breastfeeding bad

“Yes, there might be situations in which breastfeeding requires complementation, some technical changes, or that because of the changes in the activities of the mother, there can be an interference in the hormone production of the milk.”
In these cases, your milk alone will not be enough to feed the baby, because of this, and then the indication of the pediatrician, you'll need to enter in the baby's diet some kind of proper formula to your requirements and age. In the event that still your body to produce milk you'll be able to keep it even up to 2 years the baby.
On the other hand, the specialist advises mothers not to stop breastfeeding influenced by the opinions of others inexperienced or because they notice that their milk is more thin and with less fat. The only way to know if the baby is feeding well is through the control of weight and height.

How do influences in the child's extended breastfeeding?

  1. The correct growth of the child and achieving a good growth curve on height (stature) and weight.
  2. A proper psychomotor development.
  3. A proper evolution emotional.
It also warns that the independence and personality of the children, will not be affected if you are maintaining an ordered system of power, being careful at the time of detachment, in the hours of breastfeeding, introduction of solids, and in the promotion of the psycho-motor activities appropriate to their age.

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