We mean by bullying or harassment of school children to those attitudes, malicious, aggressive, and repeated that occur without reason and are taken by students who assaulted other classmates.

This word derives from the English “bullying”, and sadly, nowadays, there are plenty of cases with severe consequences, because of bullying; children who are persecuted, attacked, mocked, and that lead them to take drastic measures.

Why children apply the bullying or harassment of school children?

The guys who adopt these qualities usually do it to demonstrate power, low threats, conflicts, aggressions, they have other guys under his absolute rule, and these most of the time it manifests (for fear) of what is happening.

The Swedish Psychologist Dan Olweus provided the theory most successful on the subject, commenting that: “a student becomes a victim of bullying when she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions carried out by one or more other students.”

Key components of the bullying child:

  • Imbalance of domain or power between the aggravating and the victim: this is often perceived only by the child being bullied.
  • There is always an aggressor in any of the cases, the perpetrators are several children or teenagers, than with all the intention to commit such an act.
  • The behavior becomes repeated to the same person.

Types of bullying child

Physical: This type of aggression brings with punches, kicks, include in addition to direct damages to objects of the victim.

Verbal: the power of the word it has a direct influence on the self-esteem of the person, this is the type of aggression most common in cases of harassment of school children.

Psychological: This is effected by means of threats and intimidation to create fear in the victim.

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Social: This is due to the fact to isolate progressively the victim, excluded from groups, ignored, and generated ridicule.

If you think your child is in front of the bullying child, contact immediately with the managers of your school and search for viable solutions for the welfare of the child and early correction and discipline of the attackers.

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