In this article you will find:

  • What is water birth?
  • Features and benefits that differentiate the delivery in the water of other techniques
  • Preparation
  • Benefits for the whole family

Came the big moment of having the baby and along with this, the choice of the way in which the mother will give birth. A special way to do this is by having the water birth, which has huge benefits for both the mother and the baby, in addition to strengthening the bond of the mother.

Doing a little bit of history, the first birth recorded was in 1803 and was made in France. In a journal of the medical society for the French, it is said that a woman, after 48 hours of labor and discomfort, decided to dip in hot water to pass through the pain. In this way, and almost without realizing, your baby was born within the water.

Later, in the 1970s, Michael Odent, a French physician, was the first to defend this type of birth. Their method was to fill a tub with hot water, so that the woman could feel comfortable and could start with their labor. Thanks to this shape, Odent noticed that when the contractions are very strong, the woman, being in the water, he feels relief and less discomfort.

What is water birth?

It is a method of natural childbirth, where the process is spontaneous. Once the mom went through the two stages leading up to the birth (dilation and casings) and begin the discomfort, it enters a stage of hydrotherapy, where water circulates through filters at 37 degrees Celsius.

Features and benefits that differentiate the delivery in the water of other techniques

  • It is not a procedure induced.
  • Part in the time the baby sets.
  • It is in a spontaneous way.
  • There is No acceleration.
  • Respecting the times of delivery.
  • There is a greater quality of attachment between the baby and the mom.
  • The mother is conscious, lucid, has no anesthesia.
  • The mother will have more milk.
  • The woman manages the delivery and their times.


To perform water births, there is a preparation, by means of individual classes to the mom, where you must understand what it means to be pregnant and the time that it takes to give birth. The controls are similar to those of other births, but in this case the doctor and midwife work as a team to form a mother that is going to have his baby.

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The specialists educate the women for the process. The indications are equal to those of a normal delivery: not gain too much weight and eating right. Yes, before any pathology that exists, for example, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or metrorragias of the third quarter, should not be made in water birth. In any case, the matron says that 95 percent of moms can do.

Benefits for the whole family

Thanks to this mode, the members of the family, mom, dad and baby, have a nice experience.

The mother is beneficial in several aspects:

  • This water causes the genitals to swell and open up the channels.
  • It shortens the labor.
  • Having not cut, the recovery is faster.
  • It accelerates and increases lactation.
  • Will close the connection with the baby.

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