When the baby is 10 months old, begin to realize that you can use toys and objects as a tool, to perceive the functionality of each one of them and the advantage that they can draw, that is to say, the child begins to relate logically the things, and improves their ability to solve problems and situations.

At this age, their psychomotor development is already well advanced, is able to remain seated, you have more balance, crawl, it is possible that it has has started to give its first steps, it takes small objects with ease and has a greater ability to grip.

Now that we already know the abilities and skills of a baby of 10 months, we can think of what would be the ideal gift for christmas.

What you have in mind?

  • Choose those toys that can be pushed.
  • Those who are sufficiently heavy and that support walking, are a great option.
  • Object buildable, picturesque and with levels of difficulty.

Christmas gifts for babies 10 months

Strollers of dolls or cars with supporters: they Are ideal because they stimulate walking of the baby, yes, let us try to choose models that are heavy so that the child does not lose balance and fall. This will give you confidence.

Classifier of forms: Aid the logical development of the baby, since it is a panel with holes of different shapes, and the baby must place each figure in the corresponding place.

Cubes or blocks of colors: babies of all ages love them, they are colorful, buildable, and some bring pictures or flashy accessories.

Books with figures in 3D or with a different texture: At this age it is not relevant to the reading, but to encourage the love of books and the content.

beneficios de la ludoterapia en los niños

Other options:

  • Whiteboards and colors.
  • Balls.
  • Shovels and figures to play in the sand.
  • Toy telephones.
  • Objects buildable and with sound.
  • Paints and brushes.
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