When the baby is 12 months, it is normal that as you begin to walk and move alone, you will discover their autonomy and will become more restless and curious, however, in this passage from baby to child, some take a few weeks more on developing your skills and skills it nothing happens!.

In some cases, it looks funny, because it's just the year when they begin to imitate us, but this stage is very important because all of our behaviors and behaviors are going to infer in the development and personality of the child.

What we can give to your baby this christmas if you have already completed your first year of life?

Our small, surely shows a growing enthusiasm for its increasing development in verbal and also show a lot of strength and mobility. So we seek out toys that help them to move without risk, other than to encourage the habit of sharing and explore your exterior.

Christmas gifts for babies of 1 year

Cars, trucks, trains, motorcycles (ride-on toy with batteries or battery pack): These will help the baby in his first steps and will give you the strength to move alone and with a lot of confidence.

Table teaching: This type of toy comes with designs in numbers, shapes, letters and sounds, which stimulate their intellectual development and capacity logic.

Structure for climbing: If the baby has already begun to walk, these structures are ideal for the motor development of the small, she can play, climb, hide and feel safe.

Toys to sort and meter within one another: children love To build and tear down objects, so that the buckets, carpets, tables, tower of rings, and the toy where you can stack, arrange, and classify, are going to entertain a lot.

Computer tools or kitchens toy: These toys allow the child to imitate what the adults, it gives them the opportunity to dream to be great architects or exceptional chefs.

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Other options:

  • Balls.
  • Books to draw.
  • Whiteboards and markers, acrylics.

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