This christmas don't give away any toy; it depends on the age of the small, obsequiemos those objects that will serve the baby to stimulate their motor development, emotional, psychological, and creative. In addition to playing with them allows us to teach them and educate them in a fun way but successful.

At 11 months the baby experiences all that happens around you, that is why it is important to increase the level of difficulty in their games, so that, the psychomotor development of the child follow up.

What to take into account?

At this age the games most suitable are those that allow you to explore your environment, which can roll, touch, drag, fill, assemble.

Christmas gifts for babies of 11 months

Table bilingual: it Has various functions and the best thing is that all their activities are in English and Spanish, this to stimulate the language and language of the baby. It is round and consists of a piano, a telephone, an activity book and a mini laptop, although this design may change.

Pyramid ring: This has also been a toy that has stood for years in the market, it is a pyramid of colored rings that are stacked and are taken apart and that it also comes with fun sounds and separate reasons that help the child to stimulate their senses.

Toys mythical (dolls or stuffed animals): we all got one of these once, it about those dolls that come to be awake or asleep, and when you press his tummy make a sound.

Juguete para bebés de 5 meses

Other options:

  • Dolls made of fabric or that move.
  • Lamps, with reflections of colorful lights.
  • Mobile with sound.
  • Boxes of music.
  • Carpets musical.
  • Carousels.
  • Trains.
  • Toys for the water.
  • Tubs with changers.
  • Balls.
  • Figures buildable.

All of these objects help the baby in their psychomotor development, stimulate their development, and logical thinking, and ways of seeing life. In addition, by having fun you can also learn educational lessons, practice habits and routines of the home.

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