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  • Three things to consider before choosing a gift:
  • Christmas gifts for babies of 4 months

Babies have their own pace of growth, and are overcoming every stage of its development step by step. Parents need to know that to gift to your baby at every stage of life, because any detail that will lead them to discover will be of great benefit. Discover what you can recognize your child on his four months of life, and taking into account their new skills to choose the best gift for this christmas.

Three things to consider before choosing a gift:

  1. From 4 months, babies already recognize faces and begins to show more interest in everything that is around you.
  2. You can grab the objects.
  3. Are interested in the movements of their hands.

Christmas gifts for babies of 4 months

  • Carpets of games

The rugs are an ideal choice for this stage, as they begin to play on the floor and give them more use to those toys that we have been giving away during the first three months.

  • Articles for your diet

Usually the period of ablactaci├│n begins six months, but many mothers decide to introduce in the daily diet of the baby soup and creams. The articles to carry out its power will be a good detail for a baby.

  • Balls

During the fourth month, the child may be on the floor with a little more firmness. A ball can be a stimulant perfect for the baby can start to move on the ground.

  • Rattle rolling

The rattles rolling help the baby to be curious. It is also easy to grasp, shake and roll on the baby.

  • Hats christmas

For this christmas, you can give your little one a hat of christmas, well, colorful and with built-in music. We should also remember that bright colors attract our children.

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  • Toys with mirrors

The mirrors are part of us and thanks to them we can stimulate and develop a basic knowledge of one's self.

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