When your baby is 7 months you'll be able to see in their motor development, a great change, and as a parent you need to help you achieve the goals you have at that stage. What better way to do that obsequiándole something in Christmas that in addition to being fun to provide you with the reinforcement that you need in their sensory aspects, intellectual, social and physical.

Will be the favorite of your baby the following gifts:

  • Balls soft: Primarily those that emit sounds soft and pleasant to move, that the infant of 7 months be able to develop the ability to grasp objects of various sizes and shapes, in different positions.
  • Baby books made of thick cardboard, cloth, or vinyl: With which you can stimulate their intelligence and the love of reading, because it never is too small for this motivation, this type of books will entertain your child for a while in the car or in the seat of the car, in any place where spend a quiet time.
  • Maracas, drums, small bells, pianos of cloth: The sounds, the colors, the try to imitate a rhythm, the size of these items to grab them or continue with the look of the toy in the hands of an adult, it is important for all of the senses that develops and exercises, in addition to being able to work on the dexterity of the fine motor skills.
  • Rattles: To stimulate your attention is a great toy, simple and economic; it will stimulate your ear and your touch; if it is rattle teething ring, lot better, because while handling this implement game may suck, bite, pass it from one hand to the other, exercising the grip.
  • Toys for bath time: float, tighten with ease, can fill water, make noise. Your baby will enjoy a lot your bathroom while you have that toy with you, you can also encourage your little one to rescue objects in the bubbles.
  • Carpet rubber eva: it Is similar to a puzzle where the baby can play to their hearts content, and train you to crawl, spurred on by the colors of the carpet and how comfortable the texture. You can cover a large part of the surface area of your room or the living room, which you can also walk barefoot and if you fall you won't hurt.
  • Gym or blanket didactics: With this particular gift your son is 7 months you will need stimulation to learn to enter and sit, in addition to exercising the strengthening of the arms and legs, very valuable in these months before you start to walk. The blankets help your baby develop the motor skills with all the activities that you can do, like turn or move laterally, many of these provide sounds and textures to go. Gyms, apart from all the benefits you already mentioned, they have many accessories that will keep your baby busy, happy and at the same time learning.

Aspects to consider

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  1. Careful with the small pieces, make sure that everything you give is bigger than your mouth.
  2. Also with the tips and sharp edges. You should not give anything to these features, because you can hurt yourself.
  3. Educate your little one to form it with values that promote respect. Dale toys, or stories that are not xenophobic, sexist, or aggressive.

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