Regalos para bebés de 8 meses

The baby begins to have more energy and greater mobility at 8 months of age, therefore, at the time deciding on that gift, is the ideal time to give toys suited to this stage, where the small start your discovery of the world around him, where as you have left your first teeth.

As it is likely that your little one enjoy grabbing objects, associating words with things and passing toys from one hand to another, it is essential to analyze what toys or items should give her the gift of having 8 months of age.

To stimulate or play with your child, the toys of different colors, sizes and shapes, and which can be stacked, are good choices to give at Christmas.

We'll give you an idea of what to get:

  • Toys for the bath tub that floats, can be tightened and refilled with water. You will be reinforcing what has been learning in regards to the texture and shape of things and will make bath time a moment to be distracted.
  • Mirrors shatter in different sizes. The seen and imitated, smile with your picture, it is very good activity to help in the steps that it gives in its growth, in addition with the development of the sense of sight.
  • Dolls and puppets great. Love to have fun with these new friends. Serve to converse with your baby, while you pay attention to everything he says to the doll.
  • Cars and other toy vehicles made of flexible material and without tips or parts that may come loose. You will begin to understand that objects do not disappear when they are hidden when you roll to the other end and you don't see it.
  • Toys sorting and building, as for example large blocks, cups, buckets and other containers that are unbreakable. Your baby will learn the concepts of “empty and full” or “in and out” if you are describing what you do while you play. You have to pronounce clearly the name of each shape and its color.
  • Balls of all sizes (but not in your mouth) To play in the way to develop the ability to grasp objects of various sizes and shapes, in different positions.
  • Toys that are pressed and emit sounds, to start their development in language skills. The more words you hear, the more words you will learn.
  • Board books easy-to-use, with large pictures and colorful. You can help your little one learn to recognize colors mostrándoselos and pronouncing their names clearly. Reinforce your learning by showing objects in their environment that are the same color, and tell stories that will teach something more than having fun.
  • Musical toys such as boxes of music will begin to express sounds, starting with vowels.
  • Toys to push or drag, you will encourage crawling, standing and moving around. Your baby exercise the muscles by crawling behind a toy or when you push. Now you can stand up while leaning on the toy.

Sure with these Christmas gifts your baby of 8 months will also begin to develop in the surrounding environment, happy and protected.

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