Classes: How to familiarise the children to the change?

After the vacation costs a lot of to resume the usual pace, leading to situations of stress by the fact of having fear, insecurity, or stress that may affect health.

Get up early, uniforms, homework, notebooks, and books, teachers, classmates, everything goes back to routine, but what does this mean for children? Next to the educational psychologist of the Network Health UC we tell you how to support our boys at this stage.
“We must prepare them for this moment and know that the first days are always critical to their school performance throughout the year,”explains Monserrat Sepulveda, educational psychologist Network Health UC.

Fears of children and parents

This first stage is a lot of uncertainty, and more so if it is the first year of college.
“The fear is total, think about separating from parents, the uncertainty of a supposed abandonment, the lack of knowledge of the education system, get to know teachers and meet other children unknown”, explains the specialist.
When they enter a new school year, meet the new teacher, to see again the friends, the companions that we don't fall so well, the fear of the discipline, the premiere of uniforms and backpacks, and supplies with which to show off in front of peers, the frequent aversion to schoolwork, all of that are habits that are picking up gradually, they somehow break during the holidays and this leads to pressures for the entire family environment.
“A more serious problem that you must identify are the previous experiences are not welcome in the school, the social pressure, time constraints and responsibilities,” said Monserrat Sepulveda.
And to make this easier, the educational psychologist suggested:
  • Discuss with them the importance of the back-to-school, what is expected of this year and how they intend to achieve it.
  • Raise the back-to-school as something positive and very important.
  • Listen to their fears, concerns, interests and expectations with great attention and guide them respectfully at all times.
  • Establish and abide by timetables for waking, sleeping, eating, take special classes, do homework and play.
  • Hold them accountable on the care of school supplies, the arrangement journal of their uniforms or clothes for school, as well as the solution of their homework to avoid the disorder that is causing many problems and family tensions.
  • Monitor well your breakfast is the main food that will allow them to focus and learn well throughout the morning. Often it is important to include a supplement to the recess, so that they will not lack all the vitamins and minerals essential for proper growth and development.
  • Be aware of all the possible changes of behavior or attitude that may be manifestations of a problem is not resolved at the school or in your personal life. Keep in mind that the problems for them are as large and important as our own.
  • Leave in time to avoid the traffic and be cheerful at all times.

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