Multiple pregnancies are common in women who have been under fertility treatment and what happens is that one of the embryos, a twin pregnancy is divided early and gives rise to a pregnancy triple.

Expert: Jose Poblete, head of the dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology UC

Complications in multiple pregnancies

When we are facing a multiple pregnancy, there may be alterations of fetal growth, either because they share the placenta or because it is in a segment of uterus little irrigated. “The damage that can result from this are alterations in the neurological development. In cases in which the fetuses share a placenta may have a syndrome feto-fetal. There are some likely damage that are more associated with preterm birth that the fact of sharing the placenta,”explains the obstetrician.

In addition, Dr. José Andrés Poblete, notes that it is more likely to develop diseases such as: hypertension, anemia, and gestational diabetes. On the other hand, there is the chance of finding fetal complications such as growth restriction and premature delivery.

Why is occur in the preterm delivery in multiple pregnancies?

For Dr. Poblete there are two theories of why it occurs, a preterm birth: “The first of these, refers to the mechanism of parturition is triggered because the volume that reaches the uterus corresponds to a full term pregnancy. In the triples, the median gestational age of onset of labor is at 32 weeks. The other theory corresponds to the weight of the uterus on the neck determines that it is to shorten and modify to generate a dilation that triggers the delivery”, he said.

In this type of pregnancies the primary care is to have rest in line with the gestation. And the main recommendations that should be considered in pregnant women are:

  • Usually from 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, women would have to stop working and stay at rest in your house.
  • A balanced diet supervised by a nutritionist, is a key requirement to ensure the necessary nutrients to the fetuses in gestation.
  • Finally, have a medical check-up at a tertiary center that can address all the possible complications that a pregnancy of this type may entail.

Women with 3 or more babies in your belly must be under the control of a specialist in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, who must apply the protocol to local control, these have a greater frequency of clinical controls and monitoring with serial ultrasound to monitor the fetal growth and the length of the cervix, to take measures for the prevention of preterm birth.

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