According to data handled by the WHO, killed more than 4.3 million people prematurely during all the year, because of diseases resulting from the pollution of the air spaces in residential areas. (schools, homes, and offices). We tell you some of the diseases caused by this type of pollution.

Consequences of indoor air pollution

  • Stroke

It happens when the brain is stopped by the lack of blood flow and oxygen. 50% of women are the ones that suffer the consequences of the accident due to prolonged exposure to air pollution indoor.

  • Ischemic heart disease

Causes narrowing of the coronary arteries, leading to three potential types of heart disease: acute myocardial infarction, stable angina pectoris or unstable angina.

  • Lung cancer

Approximately 17% of these deaths can be attributed to carcinogens in the air of indoor contaminated by the use of solid fuels such as wood and charcoal.

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Brings together the set of pathologies, acute or chronic affecting the lungs.

  • Pneumonia

With exposure to air indoor doubled the risks of this condition, especially in children. More than half of the deaths of children under five years are caused by acute infection of the lower respiratory tract, and are due to the inhalation of particles of contaminated air with solid fuels.

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