abandono de las figuras paternas

In this article you will find:

  • Abandonment of the father-figures
  • Benefits of growing with parents
  • What happens if you do not grow up with any of the father figures?
  • Tips

Experts in psychology say that today, in one of the areas in which more work must be done is to strengthen the bond between parents and children, although these are separated.
Parents bring countless benefits to the overall development of their children. Some of the benefits include a range of values (respect, honesty, tolerance) and each of these must be fostered during the early years of life.

Abandonment of the father-figures

All children need a person who love them, care for them, in conclusion they need a mother figure or father to spend quality time with them and above all that teach and instill values.

Benefits of growing with parents

  • Can strengthen links to healthy and safe with other children.
  • In the future they can have healthy relationships.
  • Strengthening the self-esteem.
  • Security and confidence at any stage of your life, especially in puberty.

What happens if you do not grow up with any of the father figures?

  • The young feel insecure.
  • With low self-esteem.
  • The child in the future will feel distrust at the time of bonding and loving.
  • You can trigger compulsive behavior and destructive.
  • The lack of understanding of the fact that they have been abandoned, even though it has been for any reason, creates an existential emptiness that at times isolates the child from the reality.


  • For the relationship between parents and children be healthy and successful (even if they are not together as a family), the parents should work together.
  • If the absence is because of death or abandonment, the father or the mother should justify without lying to the absence.
  • Being a parent is not easy, but there are ways that you can use to be able to be good parents, and thus, poor children.
  • If you are a single mother it is important that you seek help with a specialist, so general they help us to face the situation with good strategies of life.
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