Surely during the pregnancy, you will have heard many urban theories on the sex of the baby according to the shape of the belly, and in addition, coupled with this, we add those views that claim that giving birth to a baby girl it hurts less. For these concerns, the science has conducted relevant research to answer this question.

A study conducted by researchers of the UGR and the journal Pediatric Research Nature of the Clinical Hospital San Cecilio of Granada, says that the sex of the baby can directly influence the intensity of pain during childbirth.

How to give birth to a baby girl it hurts less?

  • Meanwhile, the study revealed that babies respond better to stress than boys.
  • Girls have a higher quantity of antioxidant defense and lower oxidative damage in cell membranes.
  • The mother presented less swelling at the time of giving birth.

For the veracity of the experiment in the Clinical Hospital San Cecilio of Granada observed in 56 pregnant women with good health, in total, 27 gave birth to boys and 29 girls, moms who had bebitas exhibited reduced inflammation, almost non-existent damage to major biomolecules and increased antioxidant defense that the women who had had children.


These results have been given as a conclusion that the births of girls are less aggressive to the woman when she gives birth to a child. It should be noted that this possibility varies according to the genetic conditions and healthy women.

Also, it is important to highlight that this is one of the first studies to demonstrate the influence of the gender of the baby in the woman during labor and how it conditions the way in which the newborn is experiencing for the first life outside the uterus, this is because the enzyme system of the girls at the time of birth is more mature.

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However, regardless of the sex of the baby, every mom, in conditions of optimal and normal processes of childbirth, it is capable of dealing with any pain or situation to see the birth of your little healthy. What really matters is the welfare of the child, regardless of gender.

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