Pets are faithful companions of our children, and although they generate many responsibilities, lend to the children's protection and love. It is true, that for some people a dog is a synonym of discomfort with the antics, the loose hair, allergies, and other issues. But it is proven that these animals give wonderful benefits to the small.

Specialists have shown that the presence of a dog in the home, would greatly enhance the asthma in the family members or prevent the condition.

Among the infections of the respiratory tract in children and infants more well-known, we have the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Same that affects large numbers of children during their first year of life, and this brings as a side effect of the asthma. But, it has been found that the presence of dogs in the house avoids this problem long-term.

Is the hair of the dog is good for asthma?

  • The hair of the dog is not the main cause of allergies as well as what we thought.
  • Some of these problems are added to the flakes of skin, saliva, debris, urine, feces, and feathers of domestic animals.
  • The hair of the animal is not responsible for the allergies, but not to be groomed properly, can accumulate mold, dust mites, mold and allergens.

How to fix the asthma in children?

  • The air purifiers are a great option when it comes to preventing allergies or respiratory infections. These filters remove particles that are found in the atmosphere.
  • Although some of the dogs they produce and give off particles such as dander or pollen, there are breeds that produce a lesser amount, what is important is to anticipate and discuss the possibilities.
  • If the child has a box of asthma or sinusitis-severe, it is ideal to consult with the pediatrician about the tenure of a pet at home and also ask the vet recommendations on the race right to the child, according to their condition.

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