The life in the womb is extraordinary, from the first time the capabilities of the baby begin to develop, and of course the sense of touch is no exception, for that reason, petting which you can make to your tummy, hugely favor the connection between the mother and the little that is brewing.

Do you feel the baby in the womb of the mother

From the sixth month of pregnancy, the skin and mucous membranes react to the stimulation, but from the beginning of gestation, the baby is usually separated or away from the walls of the uterus when, by chance, the we touch you know that?

Between week 17 and 22 of pregnancy it is common to start to feel the baby move-which will increase your intensity progressively. In response to this reaction is impossible for us to resist stroking or touching the belly, while the small moves inside of your sleeping bag a good night, this instinct occurs by the need to strengthen links with our child.

The baby can feel the caress even while in the womb

While in the 20th week of gestation, the baby can already feel when you caress them, and this, through the walls of the uterus. Little by little, the little will begin to react to these stimuli, and although it may seem incredible, responds differently when it perceives that the one who strokes the belly is a stranger.

Yes, it is true, surely you will notice that your baby is moving around without control, but if at that time a stranger touches your belly, it is very possible to stop moving unexpectedly.

Communicate with your baby through cuddling

  • Specialists indicate that this technique is more recommended to create and strengthen bonds between the parents and the baby.
  • It is also a way of communicating with the baby, as he feels and hears.
  • As he grows within the belly, can make the difference between petting and games.
  • The prenatal massage helps the baby and the mother-to-be even more bearable the time of delivery.
  • The father should also be incorporated to this stimulus, the link must be created between both father figures and the baby.
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