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  • Does the shape of the nipple affect breastfeeding?
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  • How can we verify the shape of the nipples?
  • Is there any treatment for flat nipples?

Although it is not a common situation, it is possible that the mother during pregnancy and after childbirth does not have the nipples projected to the outside, which could hinder breastfeeding. Carmen Cárdenas, midwife daalgunas recommendations in order to achieve a successful lactation.

Does the shape of the nipple affect breastfeeding?

Without a doubt, the shape of the nipples will impact breastfeeding, not the milk production, but by the coupling of the baby to it and apecho, and subsequent suction. One of the difficulties that can occur is the so-called nipple flat or inverted, but although it sounds serious, is a condition that can be reversed without generating problems in the mother or your child.

Nipple flat or inverted

Carmen Cárdenas, Midwife, explains that: “it Is called flat nipples to those that do not protrude on the areola, while the reversed is observed sunken or very sunken.

Around 10% of women have flat nipples or inverted, and it is possible to observe at an early age the shape of these, but in the case of the planes, the look can vary from just after birth and trained properly.

How can we verify the shape of the nipples?

The most practical way is to place the index finger and thumb on the areola. When you tighten slightly, the nipple must be projected forward. If this does not occur is called the nipple plane, in this case the nipple is not able to differentiate between the breast areola.
On the other hand, if when you tighten the areola, the nipple turns back. The nipple is inverted.

Is there any treatment for flat nipples?

Yes, there is treatment for flat nipples which should be performed from the second trimester of pregnancy. Is first pull the nipple out, which would stretch it out, then press on the breast, taking the nipple between index finger and thumb, then you must carry out movements of rotation in both senses. You must perform this exercise 3 times a day for 3 minutes.

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What is the treatment in case you have inverted nipples?

To form properly an inverted nipple breastfeeding we should use:

  • Breast pump: the suction of this tool (manual or electric) forces the nipple to project out, then it must be taken between the index finger and thumb and do the exercises already mentioned.
  • Forming Nipple: more commonly known as shells, or poppy, these devices, plastics have a central hole where it enters the nipple, it is placed between the breast and the bra. The ring will press on the area of the nipple and forcing the nipple to be inserted through the hole in central. The trainer should be used during pregnancy because it can correct the inversion of the nipple. This item is also recommended in women with nipples shorts.

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