Although the year-end holidays call in to the excesses of food, when there is a pregnancy, we must be very careful with what we eat. For that reason, the ob / gyn Network Health UC, José Poblete gives us some recommendations on the best options for year-end dinner if you're in state.

What cravings?

Yes, but with caution, to let ourselves be tempted by the diverse culinary offer during this period of the year is not a mortal sin if we are pregnant, always and when not extralimitemos the amounts and also avoid eating foods that are inferred in a negative way on the baby.

Be careful with the amounts!

One of the most common myths associated with pregnancy is that you have to eat a lot, independent of gestational age and that is a mistake, given that in the first 12 weeks there is a decrease in the appetite, which is; attached to the nausea features of that period, increase the frequency of vomiting, and the abdominal discomfort. That is why in the 1st trimester, the pregnant woman should eat what you can and what you want, only with the goal of feeling better during those weeks.

Start with the intake of folic acid,

This element is key in the embryonic period, because that is part of a series of processes referred to organogenesis, explains the specialist, Its systematic use allows a 50% reduction in the risk of malformations of the central nervous system. Folic acid is found in flour, but it can also be consumed in the form of a nutritional supplement.

Take into account the prohibited substances in pregnancy.

Tobacco: in addition to teratogenic (capable of causing an alteration in the morphological or functional to the fetus), is bound to produce placentas of poor quality, that they impede the normal growth of the fetuses. Its use should also be discouraged as strongly in any trimester of pregnancy”

Alcohol: do not have a minimal dose secure, which is why your ban should be permanent throughout the pregnancy, since it is considered as the first exogenous cause of mental retardation.

Toxic substances: All of them are involved in the generation of malformations during gestation.

Beware of Toxoplasmosis and Listeriosis

Toxoplasmosis is a disease considered a zoonosis, which means that it runs usually from animals to human beings through different routes of infection being the cat and other cat species of the carriers.

Prevention measures are particularly important in pregnant women and consist of general rules of hygiene to prevent the transmission by contaminated food or water; do not consume raw or undercooked meat and avoid contact with cat feces.

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In the meantime, the listeriosis, a disease that can be deadly to fetuses, is usually purchased during the consumption of foods that contain the bacteria called Listeria monocytogenes. The doctor José Andrés Poblete, ob / gyn Network Health UC, points out that it is most common in food are poorly prepared, such as raw milk, cheeses made with this milk, raw meat or poorly cooked, raw vegetables, cured meats, pâtés, cheeses, fresh or little-treated (camembert, brie).

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