It is favorable that the baby at 6 months of age start eating solid foods. It is therefore recommended that the child move from breast milk to solids.

The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that when he turned 6 months old, the baby is able to start with complementary feeding; emphasizing, that not only can they be supported with breastfeeding at that stage, and that they should start eating other foods, but instead may be fed with the option of eating solids and of themselves.

Even if the breastfeeding lasts until the year and a half or more, it is from 6 months of age the baby needs this kind of power, the solids are required to provide our child the total thickness of proteins, vitamins, and fiber required for its development and growth.

It is not recommended that the first experience of the baby with the food either through the dips or creams, and it contradicts the belief that as they are simple to feed, can be better than the solids.

Why don't creams?

These mix the flavours of the food, then to give the baby the food crushed, there will be no stimulation to chew on in these months where your child is ready to get their first teeth. Besides, the baby is malacostumbra to eat the creams, and it costs a lot of move on to solid foods.

Don't know to grab the cutlery, What should I do?

It is true that at this age he can't use cutlery, but don't worry, leave him to eat alone and with his hands, which are the best utensils that you can eat, with the help that this event provides will also have the stimulation of contact with the texture and temperature of food.

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What foods you can eat with your hands?

There are several foods that can be discovered with your way of eating, and each one of them offers many benefits:

  • Vegetables: you Can give the cooked vegetables and cut into small pieces for the grip. For example, the carrot, the zucchini, the broccoli, we will draw your attention by its unique
  • Bread and pasta: Both with a lot of care considering that you should give him food with little gluten, giving you a little piece of bread to suck on, even if you do not have teeth to be able to undo it little by little. For them, the pasta is very fun and with a sauce a delight of enjoyment, and as this is varied in shapes and sizes you can go tested in their versions as spaghetti, macaroni, spirals, will eat to taste.
  • The fruit: because of its colour and sweet taste is very stimulating for the baby. Bring plates full of pieces of fruit of different colors and cut in different ways. You can start to give him banana by its easy-to-eat, apple and pear cut into thin slices or grated tangerine or orange slice, let the baby suck.
  • The boiled egg: Offer hard-boiled egg or cooked egg. Sometimes they are allergic to is to clear, so better to give him the yolk in small amounts first, and the other day the whole egg.
  • The fish: Reviewing before you do not have any spine, you can eat bits of fish. It starts with the white fish has less fat, or blue, varying with other meats.
  • Meats: At 6 months, starts to include white meat (rabbit, chicken, turkey,) by being more simple your digestion, to then feed it beef, veal, lamb, and pork. Prevents drowning by taking away the skin and cutting it into small pieces.
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