There are things that should not miss in your baby shower, that's why in this article I will give you options of fun games that you can't not do at your party to welcome the baby, put into practice your creativity, ingenuity and a good imagination to do them, we will tell you how to do it.

Initially you will need to make or collect it yourself the materials that you are going to need or you can buy them in a store of crafts, will be super simple and will ensure the success of your celebration.

Games for Baby Shower:

1. Guess the size of tummy

In this game the guests will have a ribbon so they should look very well mom's belly and try to guess the size of it by cutting the tape at the height you think appropriate. Which is closest to the measure of the tummy win!.

2. Dress the baby

For this game you need 2 dolls and clothes for baby dress. The idea is to include diapers (the smallest size). Then, form 2 groups and in each one, bandage the eyes of a participant, who must dress the baby blind. The other members of your group can guide you with verbal cues. The first team to achieve dress the baby wins.

3. Hang the baby's clothes

You need baby clothes (you can ask for loaner clothes to your friends or family members who already have their babies larger) tape to simulate a rope of hanging, hooks for clothing (dogs or clamps), and baskets. Board in baskets all the clothes you've bought to your little or small. Each player will be given one, they have 1 minute to reach the maximum amount of clothing, which achieves to hang more pieces wins.

4. Competition of baby food

You should have about 8 or more containers of baby of baby, prepared by the mother or purchased. The idea is that the flavors are little known, or not very appetizing. You have to fill the containers so that you don't know the taste and write with a marker a number on each one.

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5. Don't say baby!

Challenge your guests to not say the word baby, little baby, our baby present during the entire celebration of the baby shower, you can put a pin to each person when you arrive. Everyone should be very attentive because the say the word banned will have to give your pin to anyone who heard or discovered, will earn anyone who has collected most pins by the end of the night.

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